Next Train from Castlemaine

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"Next Train from Castlemaine" is a bittersweet and emotional relationship drama about an old, recently widowed man, Ronan, who battles to keep his independence and is forced to make decisions that might change the course of the rest of his life as his daughter, Daisy, is moving him into a nursing home.

The short film is now on it's festival tour, but you can watch the trailer above.

Crew & Cast:

John Flaus as Ronan Wellars

Helen Hopkins as Daisy Wellars

Director - Melisa Visca
Creative Producer & Screenwriter - Heidi Ylä-Ajos
DOP - Jordan Montgomery
1st AC - Liam Fouracre
PA for Mr Flaus - Daniel Robbins
1st AD & Editor - Chris Michael
Sound Recordist - Daisy Nduta & Sudharshan Hariharan Sound Designer &  Audio mix - Timothy Knowles
Music composer - Sonder Score, Michael Alvey 

Production Company: Taival Films

Special thank you:

SAE Creative Media Institute & Sean Cousins

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